More than just a software suite. Microsoft Office 365 is an entire platform for your business in the cloud. E-mail, storage, collaboration and more from wherever you are.

We're betting big on Microsoft's Cloud platform, and with good reason. Only through Office 365 and Azure can you manage your infrastructure from a single dashboard. E-mail, conferencing, phone system, collaboration, file sharing, business intelligence and more.

Office 365 Myths & Facts

Below are just a few of the most popular features of Office 365, and with expert configuration from Helios, you'll be working better than ever in no time. Click the products below to learn more!


Business Center for Office 365 is your CRM platform in the cloud. Completely integrated with your business apps like Outlook, your contacts are a click away with Invoicing, Booking, Marketing Campaigns and more. Unbeatable value, included with your 365 Business Premium Subscription!


The software your business depends on, now from anywhere. From your desktop or any internet connected device, you can have the full Microsoft Office Suite experience at your disposal and stay productive, wherever and however you choose to work.


Exchange Online provides 99.9% uptime for your company's e-mail, so you're never at risk of missing critical correspondence from clients and staff. With built-in spam and phishing protection, you can rest easy that your organization is protected, all without any additional cost.


File sharing inside the company with the click of a button? Check. Instantly send links to outside contacts for sharing information without juggling e-mails? Check. Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection? Check. With OneDrive, you can move data faster and easier than ever in a safe and secure manner.


Beyond collaboration and more than just a knowledge base. Microsoft SharePoint Online unlocks a world of ways to organize your business and communicate more efficiently and effectively. Maintain all your office files and folders in SharePoint, share easily with groups, and find frequently accessed documents all from a single dashboard.


Collaborate in real time with your organization and help departments work together more efficiently. Group chat, file sharing, meetings and more. See how much more your staff can get done when working together using Microsoft Teams. It doesn’t stop there: Domestic and international calling, Auto-Attendant, direct messaging with other organizations, presence for your staff, audio and video conferencing, and more. These are just a handful of the options available to you with in the cloud.

No expensive hardware required.